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RedyOps - Red Team Operations

RedyOps - Red Team Operations

Red teaming is the next step in security; evaluate the overall security of your organisation and how well you are able to defend by sophisticated attacks combining attacks targeting People, Technology and Physical Security.


A Red team will attack and exploit every possible entry point using advanced exploitation tactics, advanced Social Engineering attacks and physical security attacks. Our team also simulates an Advanced Persistent Threat – APT targeting your organization and uses in-house malware/0-day exploits.
Our team will attempt to compromise the overall security controls by actively attacking an entity and using every possible “ethical” way, based on scenarios that your Organisation wishes to test. Specific targets/goals and achievements can be determined such as stealing sensitive documents or corporate secrets.


  • Assess your physical security controls in offices, warehouses and buildings. Spot any weak entry points and ways that intruders can use to access your Organisation.
  • Assess your security procedures and your staff/departments readiness against Social Engineering attacks (both physical and electronic). See how Advanced Persisted Threat – APT phishing attacks against your staff can harm your Organisation.
  • Assess your organization’s networks, applications and appliances and identify any vulnerabilities. Go beyond known vulnerabilities through extensive vulnerability research and discovery of 0- day exploits.